Monique SachsMy name is Monique Sachs (1967).  In my practice for Body Oriented Therapy, training and massage I guide people on their journey to more depth, insight and change in their life.

Body sensations such as pain, fear, and restlessness are signals.  By letting my head speak as well as my heart I go about life being more open and happy, feeling less tense. I feel free, more sensitive and experience in full my  'Gentle Strength.'

As a therapist I approach my clients with an open mind. I listen without judging. It is important to me that my clients feel safe and have the space to express themselves.  Yet I do not avoid confrontation. I may confront to open up and expose hidden problems and their underlying causes.  I think humor plays an important part in this.

During my training at the Academy for Holistic Coaching I encountered Emotional Body Therapy.  A new world revealed itself to me.  I physically experienced that although the mind possesses a lot of wisdom, it's often the body which holds and reveals the answer. This intrigued me and inspired me to enroll in the Body Mind College as an Energetic Integration Therapist and work with Body Oriented Psycho Therapy.

 I work in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Ramat Hasharon, Israel and on Skype (video calling) worldwide. I am fluent in English, Dutch and learning Hebrew.